[LANGUAGE: Asturian | SUBTITLES: English]

Advent is a time of self-communion and changes. Suso is having a mental struggle to recognize his/her true identity, since the flourish of her true female nature start changing his life. One day, on a secluded beach, he observes a peculiar young woman, like a ghost, dressed in old clothes from another time. Her presence arouses in him memories of the past. After warning him about a great danger, flee from him to throw herself off a cliff. One strange night Suso glides like a depressed shadow among the celebrations of the city, looking in vain for the support of a friend. Knowing he is close to confronting his innermost fear, he makes a visit to his mother's grave, which he associates with the young girl, and a new brief encounter with her occurs. His confusion is made bigger by the effects of alcohol, but that night he will have one last chance to find her, which accentuates his feelings of confusion and reveals a truth that confronts him with her true identity.

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