About Viewing Videos

90-Second Explainer Videos:

Why Should I Pay for Videos? Shouldn’t Videos Be Free?

VidaFair is based on a micropayment model that allows content creators fair compensation for their work. Unlike other platforms, VidaFair lets content creators set the streaming prices for their videos, and uses no advertising. VidaFair's costs include data storage, data streaming, software development and financial transaction fees.

We’re based on a simple premise: There is a price point for many online videos that will satisfy both viewers and creators as fair trade, and it's usually quite low. 

Is a grain approximately equal to one U.S. cent?

If viewers buy their grains on the web and in the largest quantities ($20), yes.

For American users, that math becomes pretty simple:

  • A video rental that costs 15 grains to stream equates to US $0.15 or 15 U.S. cents.
  • A video rental that costs 120 grains, or g120, equates to US $1.20. 

Note: If users buy their grains through mobile apps, there may be additional fees which we pass along. Also, grains bought in smaller quantities cost more due to financial transaction costs. 

Can I get a refund if the video isn’t what I expected? Or if my internet connection goes down?

We don’t pre-screen videos, nor can we control the quality of users’ internet connections. For that reason, VidaFair video rental decisions are non-refundable. It would make no economic sense for VidaFair to incur administrative costs for researching individual refund requests, many of which would be for pennies.

We’ve all been disappointed by movies or live shows we paid to see. VidaFair viewers assume the risk that a video they rent may not be what they expected it would be — or that their own internet connection or hardware device may deliver sub-standard performance. 

Can videos rented on the VidaFair website be viewed on the VidaFair mobile app?

Yes, the same VidaFair account can be accessed via web, Android app or iPhone app. 

Can I share a VidaFair link with great content on social media?

Great minds think alike! The content creators will appreciate it -- and so will we! 

Can organizations pay to reach you, the VidaFair user base?

No. Unlike some other video streaming sites, VidaFair will never sell data about our users to marketing companies, nor sell access to our users’ streams. We don’t run email services, nor search engines. We don’t bombard you with ads. We do exactly one thing: Allow content creators a platform for video rentals at a reasonable price. Transparency and simplicity equals fairness. 

After renting a video on VidaFair, can it be viewed endlessly?

No. In an effort to keep costs down, we believe 10 views within a 24-hour time period ought to be enough. We realize that life has interruptions and internet connections can be disrupted. Still, keeping our minimum rental prices low requires a compromise between flexibility for viewers and potential costs. We believe a 10-view, 24-hour limit on video rentals is fair. Now you know. But remember, users are also free to rent a video again for additional views. 

Does VidaFair pre-screen uploaded content?

No. Content creators and video renters should understand that VidaFair has no ability to pre-screen content in any way, as and such, all users agree to hold VidaFair harmless for any action related to the business of streaming, storing, renting and monetizing videos. By creating a VidaFair account, users waive the right to pursue lawsuits naming VidaFair because we either streamed, failed to stream or deleted a video. 

Does VidaFair allow any kind of video content?

No. We don’t allow pornography, child abuse, threats of violence, personal information publication (doxing), or copyright violations. Any viewers are welcome to Flag a video if they believe it violates any of these prohibited categories.

We understand that some of these judgements can be subjective, and well-intentioned people might disagree whether a certain video meets any of these criteria. But please help us keep VidaFair content healthy by flagging any video you believe violates these rules. 

Can VidaFair Viewers Help the World?

As viewers, even your small payments for watching content on VidaFair can help evolve the economics of content creation, such that those with talent and vision can be the primary beneficiaries of their efforts, rather than multinational conglomerates. Shouldn't it be that way? Shouldn't creators be allowed to monetize their work to whatever degree that work deserves? We think so too.