About VidaFair


If artistic painters can decide prices for their work, why shouldn't filmmakers and video content creators?

VidaFair is a new pay-per-rental video monetization platform based on fair pricing and transactions between creators and consumers. VidaFair allows video creators to set their own fee for 24-hour video stream rentals of their content. Video viewers pay the content creator fee and a small fee to VidaFair, without being asked to subscribe to anything, ever. Creators and viewers get the safety and security of the PayPal payment processing. 

We do believe content creators should set their own prices

Just like painters, photographers, interior decorators and a whole host of other creative professionals who set prices for their work, we believe film and video producers should have the freedom to dream, create and then charge what they see fit. Content creators know best the costs, time spent and market demand for their work.

We do respect and compensate creators

VidaFair represents a significant paradigm shift from other platforms, where content creators can only ever receive a tiny fraction of the proceeds for their work, or are charged platform fees based on a percentage of rental price. We've been content creators ourselves.

We do respect and protect video consumers

Your viewing habits are no one else's business but yours. We accept no corporate sponsorships, no data sharing arrangements and no advertising. Our revenue model is simple and clear -- reasonable fees to host and stream video which are a function of file size, not the creators' prices. Nothing else under the radar, over the radar or otherwise. Sometimes a service that's marketed as "free," isn't as free as people think. 

We don't own anyone’s content

Some very well known video streaming platforms bury tricky copyright transfer language in long, complex "Terms of Service" agreements. At VidaFair, by contrast, all content remains the property of the content creators. We will never assert ownership of any film or video, ever. 

We don't waste your time

Do you really want to watch advertisements? Or have them interrupt your film or video? We don't. Nor do we think your time is "free." Other platforms surprise viewers with advertisements they neither want, nor expect. On VidaFair, we don't sell your time to outside groups or companies through ads.

We don't run other businesses

We don't run search engines, email services or marketing campaigns. We don't send ads to creators or viewers, or sell information to anyone about viewers' preferences.

And it goes beyond just a matter of personal privacy. In a broader way, we believe more content platforms will always be healthier than fewer, because a social media landscape of very few extremely powerful behemoths poses societal risks. 

We don't offer, nor allow subscriptions

We believe subscriptions can sometimes be a slick way customers get charged for services they don't use. At VidaFair, every streaming video rental is specifically authorized. Since there are no subscriptions on VidaFair, there’s never such a thing as “forgetting to unsubscribe.”

No VidaFair transaction ever automatically repeats. You decide every purchase on the VidaFair platform. That's how we want to be treated when we use an internet site.

Content Monetization Without Subscriptions:

Content Creators and Content Viewers Living in Fairness 

 The VidaFair Revolution

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