About Monetizing Videos

90-Second Explainer Video:

Can I really set the streaming price for rentals of my original videos?

Yes. Isn’t it great? The cost to upload a video is only 100 grains -- that equates to just US$1.00 when grains (grains are VidaFair tokens) are bought "by the bushel," and only $1.99 when bought a la carte. That's all it takes to start earning grains every time a viewer rents your content. Grain balances above 2,000 can be converted to revenue through PayPal.

How do I get paid for views?

Once you have a balance of 2,000 grains or more, you can use the Cash Out feature in the VidaFair drop down menu. After supplying a PayPal-registered email address, you can request 2,000 grains or more to be converted to dollars. Cash Out requests are closed each week at Saturday at 12:00amET (NYC time), take about a week for processing, and are subject to a 6% financial transaction fee imposed by PayPal.  

How much can I make?

Use our Earnings Calculator to see for yourself! It's under the "About" menu item on the homepage. Enter a video file size, your 24-hour rental price, and the number of views you might expect in 12-months. (Minimum allowable rental prices are a product of file size.)

How should I set those prices?

That’s up to you — creators are free to set their own fees per rental, between 0 and 2,000 grains (equivalent to $0-$20.00, after meeting the Cash Out minimum). The total streaming price for viewers is the sum of the creator fee and VidaFair's streaming fee, which is based on file size. The importance of file size is why we suggest a video resolution of 720p for most types of content, as the majority of videos are seen on smartphones or laptops. But 480p and 1080p resolutions are also available at the content creator's prerogative. Podcasts and talking head livestreams, for example, may not prioritize the visuals, whereas certain types of films may justify higher resolution. 

In general, we advise creators to set modest fees After all, most people aren’t yet accustomed to pay-per-stream content. We believe fairness in pricing will foster loyalty among viewers over time, and often lower-than-expected pricing actually maximizes revenue.  

Why doesn't VidaFair charge a percentage?

Since VidaFair's variable costs are based on streaming and storage services, which are tied to file size, we believe it's fairest to base our fee on that. A streaming platform shouldn't demand more money for their service simply because a content creator priced it higher. A platform's streaming fee should be based on its costs.   

Will my fans need to subscribe to your service?

No. VidaFair neither requires, nor even offers subscriptions. VidaFair units of value are called grains, and they're approximately equal to U.S. pennies, or cents. Every VidaFair grain purchase is a one-time transaction, and each new purchase has to be authorized separately by users.

We believe subscriptions have a place, but they aren't the best fit for every style of video content, especially independent producers. It's important for your potential viewers to know that this platform will never ask them to subscribe.  

To Cash Out 2,000 grains to $US20, must all the grains be generated by a single video?

No. All you need is to have a minimum of 2,000 grains (sometimes expressed as "g2,000," and a PayPal ID.  

How do I ask fans to pay for content that's already free on other platforms?

You probably shouldn't (although nothing would stop you). We recommend that creators continue producing content for existing platforms as they have before, and use VidaFair for different, special content unavailable elswhere, or possibly even older, archived content. In this regard, it would be quite similar to how some creators promote separate content for a Patreon subscriber platform. The difference, of course, is that renting videos on VidaFair requires no subscriptions, and can cost only pennies to view via the micropayment architecture. 

Should I market the videos I upload to VidaFair?

Yes. VidaFair is a new content monetization platform. While people generally browsing VidaFair content will be able to see your work, you should also tell your followers that it's available on VidaFair, for the low, low price of... an amount mostly determined by you.

Promoting unique VidaFair content to subscribers via social media would be akin to promoting subscription-only Patron content -- which is quite common.  

How will I persuade followers to enter a credit card when they're used to watching videos for free? 

You might let them know:

• They will not be subscribing -- each VidaFair grain purchase is a one-time, a la carte transaction. Who needs another subscription?• They will not be subjected to advertising.• The entry level price of US$1.99 is a one-time charge that does not repeat. This means if they buy $1.99 of grains once, no other charge will ever appear. In an online media space increasingly dominated by subscriptions, this is the key difference and the strategic advantage of the VidaFair model. • The micropayment video rental prices you set will be fair, probably just in the pennies per view.• They can depend on the security of PayPal payment processing (via web browser access). • No one will ever sell their content choices to marketers. They should know VidaFair is not involved in other businesses like search engines, email services or ad campaigns. 

After uploading a video, does it remain on the platform forever?

Videos uploaded to VidaFair remain available for rental for a period of one year, although videos actively receiving rentals will get extended at no charge. By uploading to VidaFair, content creators agree that they will retain other copies of the videos, and VidaFair will not be responsible storing the only copy of a video. 

Will VidaFair own the content I upload? 

No. Unlike some other video streaming platforms, VidaFair will never claim any form of ownership over any of the video content uploaded to our platform. Uploading to VidaFair has no effect on copyrights. 

Do you really care about copyrights?

It’s a violation of VidaFair Terms and Conditions for anyone to upload video content for which they do not have ownership or authority to monetize. We take copyright strikes seriously and reserve the right to immediately and permanently ban users who are deemed to have violated our copyright policy. We will also remove such videos without refund. 

The Fair Use provisions of modern U.S. copyright law allow for use of short segments of other people's work for purposes of critique or satire. VidaFair takes a stricter interpretation of Fair Use than many other sites. We do not allow continuous clips of over 60 seconds of another person's work for any reason, and we do not allow videos where over 50% of the entire content came from someone besides the VidaFair uploader. We are not limited to these provisions when enforcing copyrights, but they are our starting point. Videos may also be removed for unlicensed use of music or photographs.  

How about Videos with doxing, threats or porn?

We do not allow videos with personal information about another individual (doxing), child abuse, threats of violence or pornography. While we understand the definitions of these things can sometimes be subjective, VidaFair reserves the right to remove a video from the platform for any reason, without providing a refund or explanation to the content creator. By uploading videos, content creators understand these decisions will be made unilaterally by VidaFair. VidaFair also reserves the right to permanently cancel accounts for these reasons, purely at VidaFair's discretion.    

Can I use the VidaFair mobile app to upload video?

No. While videos can be rented and viewed via the same account on either a web browser or mobile app, videos can only be uploaded through a computer's internet browser.  

Will VidaFair change the world?

We hope so. Just like how other artists have the freedom to set prices for their own creative work, we believe video content creators should have the same latitude. Doesn’t that seem fair? We think so. Join us and monetize your work today.