VidaFair Earnings Calculator

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Your video's rental price in VidaFair "grain" tokens appears below.

VidaFair users who choose to rent videos with grains pay less for each rental, by distributing bank transaction fees over more video streams and by avoiding Apple & Google pricing constraints. Grains when bought "by the bushel," ($20 increments) are equivalent to a U.S. penny.


Set the creator fee per rental in U.S. dollars, i.e. the amount you will earn for each rental of your work. Higher creator fees will result in higher rental prices of your video.

Note: Creator fee options are a function of the video duration entered above.

Your video's rental price in dollars appears below. This is the price for users who choose to rent videos a la carte, in a single transaction.

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Estimate number of rentals in one year.

Creator earnings in grains, based on rental volume estimate.


One year creator earnings in U.S. dollars, based on rental volume estimate, (after deduction of 2% cash transfer fee charged by PayPal).