LANGUAGE: Portuguese | SUBTITLES: English

O que Pode um Corpo?
Victor´s Body

Running Time: 18:48
Year of production: 2020


A baby is born, but does not cry. A body screams and is not heard. Paints that run in a promised future do not reach a person with a disability. Victor makes himself the canvas in a universe of absent painters.


Directors: Victor Di Marco e Márcio Picoli
Writers: Victor Di Marco e Márcio Picoli
Executive Producers: Laura Moglia e Márcio Picoli
Production: Laura Moglia, Márcio Picoli, Aline Gutierres e Victor Di Marco
Assistant Director: Aline Gutierres
Direction of Photography: Bruno Polidoro
Photography Assistant: Caio Rodrigues
Art Director: Valéria Verba
Sound: Vinícius Cassol
Sound Mix: Guilherme Cássio
Foley and Sound FX: Jonts Ferreira
Color: Juliano Moreira
Soundtrack: Casemiro Azevedo e Vitório O. Azevedo
Editors: Márcio Picoli e Victor Di Marco
Testimonial and Performance: Victor Di Marco
Cast Preparation: Lorena Longaray
Set Producer: Paula Inácio
Making Of: Kevin Ferreira
Visual Concept: Leo Lage
Graphic Design: Laura Moglia
Accessibility: Fernando R. Polla


Running time | 14 minutes
Exhibition formats | HD, ProRes, H.264
Aspect ratio | 1:2.40
Sound | 2.0
Shooting format | 4K
Original language | Portuguese
Year of production | 2020
World premiere | 31º São Paulo International Short Film Festival (2020)


31º São Paulo International Short Film Festival | LGBT Gold Butterfly Trophy | Brazil (2020)
31º São Paulo International Short Film Festival | Public Prize | Brazil (2020)
48º Festival de Gramado | Special Juri Award | Brazil (2020)
22º FestCurtasBH – Belo Horizonte International Short Film Festival | Best Film-Public Prize | Brazil (2020)
28º Mix Brasil Festival of Cultural Diversity | Best Direction | Brazil (2020)
28º Mix Brasil Festival of Cultural Diversity | "SescTv" Short Film Award | Brazil (2020)
30º Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival | "Canal Brasil" Short Film Award | Brazil (2020)
24º CINEPE | Best Short Film, Best Direction, Best Cinematography, Best Soundtrack | Brazil (2020)
27º Festival de Cinema de Vitória | Best Film Public Prize | Brazil (2020)
3º Festival Santa Cruz de Cinema | Best Direction | Brazil (2020)
14º Festival For Rainbow | Best Documentary Short | Brazil (2020)
9º Curta Brasília | Best Film | Brazil (2020)
Festival Primeiro Plano | Best Cinematography | Brazil (2020)
1º Festival Pajubá | Special Juri Award | Brazil (2021)
14º Cine Esquema Novo | Brazil (2021)
1º IDH Fest | Brazil (2021)
6º Festival Internacional Digo | Brazil (2021)
2º Afronte - Festival de Cinema LGBTQIAP+ | Best Film Critic Prize | Brazil (2021)
8º CineSerra | Best Documentary Short | Brazil (2021)

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