Welcome to the Strange

Welcome to the Strange

by Dollars & Donuts Productions



400 / $5.99

The Dollars & Donuts Productions team is ready to shock you with four tales of terror.

First up is "The Tattoo" in which Chip (Chris Ross) wakes up from a blackout with a hangover and a mystical tattoo on the back of his hand. His one-night stand from last night (Sasha Boggs) has more information, but something is amiss.

Next is "The Neighbor", where a young widow (Emily Erwin) is woken up with a late night call from her neighbor Ken (Terry Edgington). A light on in Renee's cottage sends her out in the storm to investigate.

"Planet of the Monkeys" finds four survivors of the ape-pocalypse (Sasha Boggs, Tara Erickson, Mitchell Martin, & Gino Vigil) struggling to cope with the inherent cuteness of their simian overlords.

Finally, "Number Nine" features Ray Revello as Tom Harley, a downtrodden security guard who has taken an interest in the exploits of infamous serial killer, the SOMA Slasher. Tom struggles to stay sane as his murderous daydreaming brings him to attempt to live out his dark fantasies.

With stories written by John Andreini, Mike Bedard, and Hank Della, and directed by Daryl Della, Dollars & Donuts Productions is proud to present: "Welcome to the Strange".


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