Unstrung (Short 16mm Film)

Unstrung (Short 16mm Film)

by Anton Arenko




Unstrung is a 16mm Black and White Short Film shot on a 16mm Bolex camera for our Film course at the UCA (University for the Creative Arts) in Farnham. Sadly there was some damage sustained in the digitizing and editing process. Massive thank you to everyone who helped make it possible a lot of hard work went into making it (Credits Below). Cast: Jack - Luke Munday Millie - Emily Dodd Directed by Anton Arenko Written by Fynn Lithgowe Cinematography by Kat Puddifoot Sound Recording by Luke Munday Edited by Daniel Brent Sound Design by Tashi Wangchuk &Luke Munday Produced by Anton Arenko ©Original Soundtrack by Luke Munday Executive Producer - Ellie Nicholls Special Thank You: Farnham Baptist Church Emily Dodd Ellie Nicholls Waverley Borough Council Filmed on: 16mm Black and White Film Stock by Kodak 16mm Bolex Camera. Shot on location in Farnham, England

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