The Dying Kind



114 / $1.99

When forced to return to her prison of a home, fearless Maggie’s given the chance to confront her violators (family). Appointed fiancé Gillian and sister Dotty are happy to have Maggie home but Mother gives her a colder reception. Being the only mixed race person at the dining room table brings direct attention to Maggie’s long sense of otherness that’s she’s had to deal with which makes this celebratory dinner feel more like a reminder of what she ran away from. Deciding not to run again, Maggie makes them believe that she’ll come back into the fold before she ends this last night together in their bloodshed.

Unspoken Productions Presents A Ryan Lacen Film Jackie Cruz Lori Petty Karsen Liotta Craig Horner
“The Dying Kind” Isabella Gonzales Michael Bricker Music by Moses Truzman
Costume Designer Chanel Bryan Editor Eric Seo Production Designer Danielle Aziz
Director of Photography Michael Garcia Produced by Jackie Cruz Maitreya Yasuda
Anthony Baldino Written by Carol Garlick Directed By Ryan Lacen

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