by Fanny Ovesen



94 / $1.99

Anarchy emerges at a public pool birthday party when a group of small girls push the limits of their strength and power. Underdog Ronja challenges the girls’ alpha female to battle for dominance. The game escalates quickly, and as the thirst for power grows, Ronja and the other girls lose control.

Director Fanny Ovesen said in an interview:
"The idea was born when the all-female crew discussed our experiences of being raised as “good girls”, always behaving, being responsible, preferably cute, and expected to take care of everyone including ourselves. However, we also had some intense memories of pushing the limits of our strength and capacity, and when doing this we often ended up hitting too hard since we weren’t as used to these kinds of games as our male friends who were always playing around measuring their strength.

"We felt eager to explore how an audience would react to small girls who, for once in a while, don’t behave innocently and pleasingly – but who act immorally and take up space in the world."

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